Learning Difficulties

There are unique circumstances associated with raising a child with a disability that families of typically developing children may not experience. However, families of children with a disability have hopes, dreams, and concerns for their children just like any other family.

Whether the child experiences a physical disability, developmental disability, or a learning disability. Footsteps Community Services are available to support the child’s learning and development. We consider early intervention, support, communication, and collaboration with your child is paramount to success.

Building meaningful relationships is a critical aspect of our work, and is established by spending time to discover the desires and concerns of your child, and family unit. As therapists, our role is to hear and understand your child and their perception of the world, so that we are able to develop realistic goals, and provide strategies to achieving those goals.

Parenting a child

Parenting is a hard job, regardless of disabilities. As a parent or guardian you have to cook, clean, educate, nurture, support, and share your valuable time with all members of your family.

When parents are informed that they have a child with a disability, the future can look very unwelcoming.

My role permits me to help children and their families to see beyond the labelled condition, so they are able to focus, and build on the strengths, and abilities of the child.

A child is still a child regardless of the label placed upon them. They are not an ‘autistic child’; they are a child that has ‘autism’.

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Parents of special needs kids can have insecurities.

What is the correct approach? What books should I read? Who are the best people to advise and help? What are the right decisions?

All parents feel like this, regardless of a disability.

Do not focus on the disability; focus on the your child as a unique individual just like any other child.

As a therapist that has worked with many children and families, I can clearly state that I am not the expert of your child, you are. I have a comprehensive understanding of asd, odd, adhd, and many more labels, but that is only a small area of your child’s personality and behaviour.

To achieve optimal results, a respectful collaborative relationship must be achieved between the therapist and family.

The future

As a parent myself, I have spent a lot of time thinking about my children’s future. This is an area that a lot of the families I meet are very concerned about. What does the future look like for my child?

The future has yet to happen, but what I can state is that our therapeutic approach is directed at achieving optimal results through the development of a safe, relaxing client focused relationship.

We will assist all children to develop the required strategies to function proficiently within our community.

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