Our Team


Jay Harrison CEO – Clinical Director

Kerry Harrison RN – Director, Positive Behaviour Practitioner, and Nurse

Positive Behaviour Support Team

Tarini Mathrani – Team Leader and Positive Behaviour Practitioner

Bianca Allard-Watson – Behaviour and Data Analyst

Claire Campbell – Positive Behaviour Practitioner and Individualised Therapist

Jarryd Gould – Behaviour and Data Analyst

Rachel Nel – Positive Behaviour Practitioner

Sharon Price – Lead Complex Behaviour Specialist

Sharni Singh – Behaviour and Data Analyst

James Te Huia – Positive Behaviour Practitioner

Individualised Therapy Team

Claire Coetzee RN – Team Leader, Positive Behaviour Practitioner, and Nurse

Nicola Butler – Individualised Therapist

Luis Farebrother – Individualised Therapist

Jane Jokic – Individualised Therapist

Sonya Wagonveld – Individualised Therapist

Kristy Walsh – Individualised Therapist

Respite Team

Julie Wheeler – Team Leader and Individualised Therapist

Sexology Team

Casey Payne – Team Leader and Individualised Therapist

Administration Team

Jevon Harrison – Team Leader and Finance Administrator

Ashley Price – Administrator and HR

Ebony Gurnett – Administrator

Harley Nelson – Administrator

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