Here at Footsteps Community Services we offer many different programs. We pride ourselves on our programs not just being another fun day out, but also a place of learning, where you leave with a new skill and a boost in self-confidence. Each of these programs are run by our Respite Team Leader/Therapist Julie Wheeler, and based from our respite located in Woodhill, QLD. Below are the brochures for each program that dive deeper into what the program is, why it is important, also how and what you will learn. If you still have any questions about our programs, feel free to get in contact with us.


Footsteps Community Services values transparency, and as such we like you to know where your money goes and what it is used for. Below is a table which shows how we come up with the pricing for our programs, which is directly in line with the current NDIS price guide and support catalogue. If you would like to compare this yourself, please checkout the NDIS Pricing Arrangements at

List Item List Item Number Rate
Access Community Social & Rec Level 1  04_300_0104_1_1_T  $57.56/hr 
Access Community Social & Rec Level 2  04_400_0104_1_1_T    $61.94/hr  
Participant Contribution to Centre Running Costs  04_599_0104_6_1    $2.15/hr   
Activity Based Transport to Access Centre (Non-Modified Vehicle)  04_590_0125_6_1  $0.85/km 
Driver Hourly Rate Time Split Between Participants and Time In Vehicle  04_104_0125_6_1_T  $57.56/hr 
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